Way north. Maryana Voinova - about a trip to Norway

Maryana Voinova - about a trip to Norway

Norway is a country with a Nordic character, but warmth. Every year this destination becomes more and more popular with travelers who choose an original experience and the majestic tranquility of the north. Especially for the October digital edition of Chance for Traveler, Maryana Voinova talks about her trip to Norway and why it is worth coming here at least once in her life.

Norway is an ancient Viking country, rich in natural beauty, landscapes, unique and fantastic fjords, large waterfalls, rugged mountains and glaciers. People here honor traditions and customs, and their main character is a troll. Trolls are nature spirits that protect people. This is Norway - in the unity of man and the world that surrounds him. And also in great respect for nature as something higher and valuable.

Norway is truly a different universe, accessible just a few hours of the summer from Kiev. There are no direct flights from the Ukrainian capital yet, I flew through Warsaw.


My first acquaintance with Scandinavia happened 11 years ago, when I was with my husband on a sea cruise. But then, alas, Norway was not included in the tour, and I was left to dream about this country. And finally, my dream came true, and I combined business with pleasure: the trip was connected with my creative work.

Norwegian summer is changeable


The capital of Norway, Oslo is a small, cozy and very quiet city. By the atmosphere, he reminded me of Chernivtsi. Life here is measured, and people are calm. They are discreet, but very friendly towards tourists.

There are several first class hotels in Oslo. One of them is the modern boutique hotel The Thief. Suitable for those who want to get acquainted with the famous Scandinavian design solutions with a lot of glass and metal.

Breakfast with a view at The Thief Boutique Hotel

The Thief Boutique Room

Inside, the rooms are very comfortable. The hotel has a spa and a stylish rooftop bar serving cocktails and modern Norwegian cuisine. All guests are also entitled to free admission to the Astrup-Fearnley Museum of Contemporary Art. Basically, this place will be ideal for accommodation for anyone who is in love with art. Thus, the walk from the hotel to the center of Oslo and the National Gallery takes only 15 minutes.

For lovers of classics and places with history, I can recommend Hotel Bristol. The hotel is located in the historical center, the interior is both majestic and cozy. The Hotel Bristol has an excellent bar, which has been a favorite location of the local elite and city guests since 1920 - you should definitely stop by and have an evening with live piano music. It is also worth trying the signature hot chocolate - believe me, it will come in very handy due to the variable northern weather.

Hotel Bristol

Hot chocolate at the Bristol hotel will help out in bad weather

In general, most of all in Oslo I wanted to visit the Viking Ship Museum and the Museum of Norway. I also recommend taking a walk in the Vigelandsparken park - for me personally, this place left an ambiguous impression.

In the Vigelandsparken park

I also advise you to walk along the oldest streets in Oslo - Damstredet and Telthusbakken. It is a charming and picturesque part of Oslo city center with well-preserved wooden residential buildings from the late 1700s and 1800s.

Damstredet is a cobbled street with wooden houses from the first half of the 19th century. The street runs between Akersveien and Fredensborgweien and is only 160 meters long.

Telthusbakken is located between Maridalsveien and Akersveien, just below the medieval Gamle Aker kirke church. On one side of the 260-meter street there is a row of small wooden houses, and on the other side there is a large garden area called Egebergløkka. Along the gardens you can stroll along the romantic Kjrlighetsstien (Trail of Love).

Maryana Voinova in Oslo

The restaurant in Oslo that has already become a favorite is Park 29: there is a wonderful and cozy terrace. Park 29 is one of the oldest establishments in the city. The owners have kept the building, which is very reminiscent of a wooden dacha, adding gloss to the interior - a very harmonious solution has turned out. This restaurant is ideal for discovering Scandinavian cuisine and Norwegian specialties in particular.

Park 29 Restaurant - one of the oldest in the city Park 29 Restaurant - one of the oldest in the city

At the Park 29 restaurant


After getting to know Oslo, I went to study the country. During this trip, it helped me a lot that I made up my wardrobe correctly, because the weather here is very changeable. This became clear even on the way from the airport: the rain and wind were replaced by the sun, which blinded our path, it became warmer and I even took off my leather jacket.

On the way from Oslo to the mountains, beautiful landscapes opened up. There were small houses along the road, near which sheep grazed. By the way, there are a lot of them there - almost near every house!

"Sheep graze near every house"

When I reached my destination, I was greeted by thin air, a stormy river, wildflowers, while in some places there was snow on the grass ... Yes, this is Norway!

Snow can be found in Norway in summer

When planning your trip, keep in mind that the coldest month of the year in Norway is March. At this time, a lot of snow falls here, and in some places it remains until mid-summer. On my summer trip to Norway, I took my autumn-winter wardrobe with me. There were days when it was very cold to walk, and the thermometer showed a maximum of +8 during the day. So I put on a hat and gloves.

Charming houses

In the evening, she warmed up in the house near the fireplace with hot tea. When the Nordic cool outside the window, such evenings bring a romantic mood and coziness.

Morning in Norway

The "white nights" turned out to be especially interesting and something new. Most of the country is located above the Arctic Circle, and in these latitudes the sun does not set over the horizon during the summer months. Therefore, when it is time to go to bed, at 10-11 pm, the room is as bright as day.

Comfort of Norway

This turned out to be a problem for me, it was very difficult to fall asleep and I often had a headache. The dream was very superficial, I often woke up. But this has its own plus: the day is given out completely different, more productive, and you can see the daylight 24 hours a day.

Maryana Voinova


Norway is a paradise for fish lovers. Fishing is a must try here! There are tourists who travel to Norway specifically for this. No fishing license required. To make the process more efficient, I made an agreement with an experienced fisherman and we went fishing together. This is very convenient, because he knows the area, he has all the gear and a boat. The fish were mainly caught bottom. Getting her out of the depths was not easy at all! But all the effort is worth it - it's a wonderful experience.

The nature of Norway is striking in its beauty


Stavanger city

If you want to know what one of the largest wooden settlements in Europe looks like with quaint white houses combined with street art and Michelin-starred restaurants, go to Stavanger. There are many original museums here, for example, the Museum of Canned Food, as well as the most beautiful observation deck in the world according to the Lonely Planet - Preikestolen rock.

The famous Preikestolen rock

There are two iconic Michelin-starred restaurants, Renaa and Sabi Omakase. Sabi Omakase is a real paradise for sushi lovers. There are excellent nigiri with fresh Norwegian salmon, as well as unique ice cream with black sesame.

Re-naa may seem like a casual establishment, but the cuisine is amazing! The emphasis is on Scandinavian traditions and local products. One of the gastrochitis is freshly caught mussels. They also cook delicious meat here.

Lindesnes lighthouse

Lindensnes Lighthouse is the southernmost point of mainland Norway. In Lindesnes, you will also find the outstanding Under. It is the largest underwater restaurant in the world and also has a Michelin star.

Underwater restaurant

This is what the Under restaurant looks like over the water.

Tromso region

Tromsø is the capital of the Arctic and can be found right in the heart of Northern Norway. If you're on your wish list to see the aurora borealis, whale watching, gaze at the midnight sun, and experience incredible outdoor adventures, then you should definitely add this location to your visit list.

Northern Lights in Tromso

Similar to Cape Roca in Portugal, the westernmost point in Europe, Norway has its northernmost point, the North Cape. And in the eastern part of this vast region lies the Varanger Peninsula, a birdwatcher's paradise. Here you can also catch a king crab and ride a dog sled - for this you need to look into Kirkenes. There, by the way, you can spend the night in an ice hotel.


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