Sweet September: Faberge’s new advertising campaign

The Decoration of Life


What can brighten up the end of summer? Certainly, it is love, new adventure and… beautiful jewelry. All of this is told by Faberge in its new advertising campaign. In the center of the plot – a young amorous couple, which heads together towards adventures in London in order to make their autumn unforgettable. Fineries from a new collection, provide help in this trip, they were inspired by imperial ages’ magnificence and combined masculine and feminine features.


Jewelry, made in a genuine Faberge style, demonstrates the intuitive interaction of rare gems, diamonds, and pearls with a perfect handcraft aiming to capture and reflect changing light, colors, and aura of each day. The brand's image became brand ambassador Mariana Voinova and Filip Wolfe.


Faberge Imperial Collection will please two halves of one whole: besides female finery, the collection demonstrates also male models of watches, which will satisfy strong and self-confident men.



O F F I C I A L   W E B S I T E   O F   M A R I A N A   V O I N O V A