PLAYLIST: What does Mariana Voinova listen to

What big tunes motivate and inspire Mariana Voinova, trendsetter, model and Ambassador of Faberge? Learn from our new material.

I love music and dancing. It's a part of my life. I have been dancing for 10 years, so when I hear my favorite track, I leave all the business and start dancing.

I'm looking for "my own" songs that are sincere and bear sense. Sometimes I'm listening to a song and all it's words that describe me or the current situation become my favorite.

But I don't like songs coming from people who are not really that type and who behave differently in real life, instead they are that type of people trying to present themselves like when they sing songs. They don't have the concepts, attitudes, principles within that are presented in their songs.

They "stupefy" people and become a guide to the world of illusion and deception. That's why I selectively choose what I am going to listen to.

Even though my morning begins with my favorite tracks and dancing instead of exercises, I also like to be in complete silence and alone. For instance I turn off the light and watch the night city. I'm a person of contrasts.

Filatov & Karas – Satellite

Dj Smash - Моя любовь

Dan Balan – Плачь

The Hard Kiss – Мелодія

Друга Ріка – Секрет

The Weekend - Call Out My Name

Ніна Матвієнко - Квітка душа

Royksopp - Here She Comes Again

ТНМК - Небокрай

Lady Gaga ft.Bradley Cooper – Shallow

Kastle - Stay Forever

Filatov & Karas – Tell It To My Heart


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