Mariana Voinova is a business lady, model, ambassador of Faberge and the face of Сhristophe Guillarme French brand. She shares the secrets for beauty, success and rules for self-care.

Skin care

As soon as I wake up, I go to the bathroom to wash.

Care: ForLLe’d cleaning foam for sensitive skin, and ForLLe’d Platinum tonic of the same brand. Afterwards I apply Valmont Restoring Perfection UVB SPF 50 and ForLLe’d Platinum Eye Cream face cream for eyes. I use the Beauty SPA Puriderma 18 cream for combination face skin in the evening.

Also I make different face masks twice a week. I prefer the cleansing GLAMGLOW and Genosys Intensive Repair Collagen Mask. Also I like Evidens de Beaute Anti-Aging Mask. Every few days I use a Dior face scrub, then I apply Lip Patch Kiss Kiss Tony Moly. I don't like to use body products, but when the dryness of the skin becomes visible, I apply the LaMer cream. It is very effective, just after the first use the skin becomes saturated and moisturized. I'm very pleased with it.

Makeup and hair

For the initial hair wash I use Philip B Peppermint & Avocado shampoo, and Philip B Forever Shine with Forever Shine conditioner for the second use, as well as Christopher Robin head skin scrub once in two weeks.

For the day makeup I like to use brown eyebrow gel and a foundation with the La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream 20 nude light texture.


The Kilian «Killing Me Slowly» parfume is my favorite. Unfortunately it was discontinued but to my luck it's still available to order.

Also I like to apply a match to an aroma candle in the evening. Faberge Par Roja Dove is my favorite.

Fitness and relax

Currently I do not attend trainings regularly, but when I have time and effort I go to combined classes. It's first part is to dry the basic muscle groups and the other one is for stretching.

I try to regularly make different types of massage. For instance I like Thai for 90 minutes. And of course I visit Russian bath once in 2 or 3 weeks. Bath was always considered to be a good way to overcome diseases, fatigue and everything bad! I feel its positive impact.

Concerning diets I have never sticked to it. I eat everything I want anytime, but I rarely have the desire to eat something fatty and harmful. Also I don't like sweets and chocolate. I dont' drink animal milk as I am lactose intolerant. I drink only soy and almond ones so that I can't feel bad impact from food I eat. I try to accustom myself to drink a lot of water so I use some phone apps for these reasons.


Do not try to repeat after someone - it won't work. Stay individual in everything! This is the greatest power. Repeating after someone is always a copy, and a copy is creepy. Be original in everything.

Don't follow the trends imposed and try to find your own style. It refers to the lifestyle, things, accessories and relationships.

Analyze any info and make decisions afterwards. It also concerns the sports, care products and your life in general.


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