Professionalism and vigor of bright Mariana Voinova inspires famous names and brands of the fashion industry, as well as their customers. As a result, millions of girls find a positive attitude in her image and catch themselves thinking - “I want to look the same; I want to feel bright, free and strong.” And they are right. A modeling career is a serious business, and to get into it, a desire only is not enough - you should work hard, be an individual and interesting person, and have a clear life philosophy.

Despite the fact that in 2007 Mariana left the parent model agency, the fashion industry still remains a part of her life. Today she is a leader in life, a successful business lady, a caring wife and a mother who works hard and believes in what she does. It is faith that lies at the heart of the girl's life philosophy. Her distinctive features are self-confidence and independence, strength of spirit and charisma, which help to win love and respect.

Mariana repeatedly admitted that she selectively treats each offer of cooperation, and, adhering to her principles and moral concepts, rejects many offers.

Perhaps this very approach to work opened the doors to her cooperation with fashion brands, including Rosco Ragni and Zuhair Murad, as well as with such photographers as Maxim Gagarin, who collaborated with Tina Kunakey, Lineisy Montero Feliz, Anna Selezneva and Bella Hadid. Today Mariana is a worthy ambasador of the world-famous jewelery brand Faberge, but she also supports Ukrainian designers and concludes collaboration agreements with them.

The renewed triumphal march of Mariana’s career did not leave indifferent French designer Christophe Guillarmé.

In October 2018, the girl became the face of the collection of his spring-summer collection "Orphee", and a month later, she closed his show within the Paris Fashion Week.

In 2016, Mariana and her husband created an investment company in which they are partners. The company works with foreign investments and invests in various business areas in Ukraine. In addition, Mariana still concludes commercial contracts and is committed to secret charity. The girl herself comments: “Charity is creation and this activity is very responsible! For every such action, you need to receive a blessing in your heart. About whom and how you help you cannot speak aloud, otherwise it is only PR. Nobody should know about your help except you and God. Only then there will be the result and power."

Yes, indeed, the passion for life of this wise girl inspired us as well.


O F F I C I A L   W E B S I T E   O F   M A R I A N A   V O I N O V A