Here you can see a beautiful lady from Ukraine, who refutes stereotypes about models

Introducing Mariana Voinova

Who is Mariana Voinova?

It turns out that the ambitions associated with successful career in the model business do not necessarily contradict the desire for intellectual development or even the creation of a family. To achieve this, you need only a bit of sport insistency in pursuing a goal. Have a look at the history of Mariana Voinova - a model, business lady, traveler and incredibly inspiring woman.


Already at age 16, Mariana Voinova made her first steps in the fashion industry. She has struggled a cooperation with international brands as a model, participated in the Ukrainian and Lviv Fashion Weeks. Mariana also participated in several beauty contests, where she represented her hometown.

Educated art lover Voinova

She was born in a beautiful old Lviv. It is possible that the charm of this city instilled a passion for beauty in her. In 2007, Mariana decided to cancel her career as a model for a while and go studying - she chose the history of art. Her fascination with art and design only deepened. Her studying period was a time for Mariana when she was overwhelmed with new knowledge. Already in 2008, she married, and after three years, her son, Aleksandr, was born. And that was just the beginning when life started challenging her.

Business lady

By 2014 Mariana was a true cosmopolitan who lived with her husband in various European cities. Finally, she moved to Kyiv, where they jointly developed a family business. Mariana still loves travelling. She visited more than 30 countries around the world, and when the time has come, she became a connoisseur in this area as well.

Bonnet: Markus Lupfer, body and strap: Moschino, jacket: DSQUARED2 /

Photo by Vlad Alekseyenko

Over the past three years, Mariana has collaborated with many magazines, including the Ukrainian edition of Harper's Bazaar, as well as with the Dream House publishing house as a film producer, travel expert and author of articles. In 2017, Starlife and L'officiel Baltics portals ranked her among the five most popular Instagram accounts. Meanwhile, she became the ambassador of the luxurious Faberge jewelry brand - the one that already has been creating the famous royal eggs for over a hundred of years. She also did not miss the last Parisian Fashion Week, during which she appeared on the podium in Christophe Guillarmé show, the autumn-winter season 2019.

Mariana Voinova recently took part in a sports photo shoot called Blow (these very photos are published in the article). It's hard not to get the impression that the stylization and climate of the session convey the perfectly sporty spirit of the model. A strong and confident woman does not lose her femininity here. After all, power and femininity do not conflict with each other, do not they?


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