FASHION FLASH INTERVIEW: 19 questions to Mariana Voinova

Mariana Voinova – a successful model. She is the face of the Italian brand Rocco Ragni and the famous FABERGE Jewelry House that has also declared the Ukrainian ambassador its muse. In addition, participation in advertising campaigns and shots of such well-known brands like Zuhair Murad does not prevent her to be an example of a business woman of today.

Rising model talks about her favourite outfits, brands, hobbies, traveling and beliefs.

Mariana Voinova

What is your most vivid memory?

One of the most vivid memories is a walk in the open park with two wild and unpredictable lionesses. While walking one of the lionesses made me an eye contact, and I had to admit her dominance, with my fingers crossed behind my back.

Describe yourself in one word


What is taboo for you (in your work and life)?

To be torn between career and love.

Mariana Voinova

How does your perfect free day look like?

A day spent with my family.

A dinner party or a small picnic with your friends?

A dinner party, and a picnic with friends, and a dinner on my own, everything suits me well.

What do you always carry in your bag?

Money and phone, hand sanitizer, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, facial oil blotting sheets, moisturizing eye drops.

What is your fashion brands top 5? What brands dominate in your wardrobe?

I have collected a variety of things I like, and they are from different brands. Nothing dominates, except for me and my taste. I have been looking for some things for years and I don't know what brand will produce the thing I need.

Mariana Voinova

Musthave in your cosmetic bag is...

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream SPF 30, my tone 20 nude.

You in 30 years. Describe what comes to your mind.

I do a lot of planning and I work a lot. That's why I'm sure that in 30 years I'll surprise you.

What was the most interesting shooting in your career? Say a few words about it.

It is still ahead.

Does your style change? What is it today?

The style does not change. Images perhaps, yes.

The most important thing in life is...

Find yourself and never lose.

Mariana Voinova

Movies you can watch over again for many times and recommend to others?

The film I have watched so many times, it is like a part of me -- "Pride and prejudice".

What is your perfect place to stay?

For me any place where I will plan to stay, would be ideal. I had perfect vacation in Europe, America, Asia and in my hometown Lviv. The main thing is to find time to rest in between shots and projects. Sometimes me and my spouse book a room in a hotel in Kyiv and have a vacation as tourists. This is so cool!

What situation (phrase, words, deed) can make you upset?

Someone once said: "Life will break everyone." Get lost, I am resilient.

What is your attitude to competition (in work and in life)?

I don't compete with anyone and don't see who may compete with me. Strong personalities don't care about it!

Your rule of success is...

Not all means are good to achieve the goal. And my rule is to talk with God and act only with his permission.

Mariana Voinova

To live in: Paris, Rome, New York or Milan?

The city of my heart is Rome. Warrior city and love city, a city with centuries of experience, but young at heart.

Books vs magazines. What are the last 3 you have read? What magazines do you prefer?

Both books and magazines. "Eternal philosophy", "God paints his lips" "The Golden Collection of Russian Poetry", I love to memorize poetry. As for magazines, I prefer different ones: Harper's Bazaar, Tatler, Focus. But no matter what I read, I protect peace and freedom in my soul and think on my own, not relying neither on books nor magazines.


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