MARIANA VOINOVA the girl from Ukraine, which did not stop only to FASHION

Mariana Voinova is a successful entrepreneur, ambassador of the jewelry house Fabergé, and the muse of famous brands. Instead of thousand words and hundreds of articles, we offer you to check out a few short facts from girl's life. Let's go!

1. Mariana Voinova was born in Lviv city in an ordinary Ukrainian family. Date of birth: December 28, 1987

2. For 10 years the girl was professionally engaged in dancing.

3. At the age of 16, Mariana's grandmother sent her to a modeling agency, giving her a training certificate.

4. Mariana earned her first money as a fashion model and promoter.

5. Her height is 177 cm.

6. Mariana has repeatedly represented her hometown Lviv in such beauty contests as Queen of Ukraine and Miss Fashion TV in the World.

7. Regardless of her achievements, the girl left the modeling business and changed her scope of activities.

8. He has received two higher educations: in the field of tourism and art as well, as she graduated from Pechersk Theological Academy.

9. She has been married since 2008 and had a son in 2011.

10. Mariana practices charity activities without publicity.

11. In 2016, together with her husband, she established a company specializing in foreign investments, as well as their implementation in the Ukrainian business.

12. The girl lived in Europe for 6 years.

13. In 2015 she became a real estate expert of one of the most popular upmarket magazines.

14. Mariana is a deeply religious person.

15. Since 2017, Mariana Voinova has been the only official ambassador of the Faberge brand. Moreover, this information was entered on the brand's official page in Wikipedia world encyclopedia.

16. She was featured in such beauty magazines as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and L'Officiel.

17. She was a spokesmodel of Rocco Ragni and Christophe Guillarmé, and closed Christophe’s show FW'18-19 that was held within Paris Fashion Week.

18. She likes to wear men's clothes of small sizes: leather jackets, t-shirts and men's watches.


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