Dream House / Munich

Dream House / Munich

On the cover page Mariana Voinova – an independent expert in terms of real estate and luxury recreation, ambassador of jewelry brand Faberge. Total look: Roberto Cavalli. Shoes: Barbara Bui. Photo: Anastasia Petrakova. Make up & Hair: Svetlana Belkova. Producer: Olga Loktionova. Organization of shooting: Daria Petrusenko

Odeonsplatz is one the most remarkable places in Munich. Here the pass-through gallery (it is also called loggia), built on the Florentine model, is located, church Teaterkirche made in the style of late Italian baroque, royal residence with adjoined park Hofgarten and the old café – Tambosi. Besides, on the square is situated monument to Ludwig I, who was the ancestor of Oktoberfest. In the warm time of the year on the square often are held concerts of the classical music under the sky and other events.


In the complex Flaucher Auen with a long-term rent agreement in the nice Munich district – Talkirchen. The complex is located just in two minutes from the park, at the time having this perfect infrastructure.

Complex Flaucher Auen offers its residents a restaurant, where it is possible to order breakfast and lunch, concierge-service which works 24 hours a day. It also includes a cozy bar and café, massage, fitness-studio.

Cost: € 379 000

Profitability: 3,95%/year

Profit from the rent per year: € 14 940

Koningsplatz – the creation of the same architect, who created square Odeonsplatz – Leo von Klenze. The square was planned as a cultural space and was built according to the antique forum by the order of Ludwig I. Square's gates reproduce the entrance to the Acropolis temple. The national glyptotheca is located here with its huge collection of antique sculptures, national antique gallery, which is a fine addition to the overall collection, especially, wares from ceramic, bronze, gold and other precious materials. In the warm time of the year the concerts are held here and even lessons of Hispanic dances.

Dream House / Munich

Fussen – colorific city 3 km from commune Schwangau, situated on the way to the castle Neuschwanstein. Here you can spend more than one day, as the walk through the castle is the certain pleasure. The city is rich for the history, here you can find a plenty of castles, cathedral, beautiful squares, decorated houses’ foresides with fantastic shutters remind a dolls’ house.

Besides everything mentioned above, nowadays Fussen is one of the best hydropathical resorts of Germany with mineral sources and therapeutic muds.


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