Dream House/Mauritius

Dream House/Mauritius

Underwater waterfall – an optic illusion.

Picturesque view, made by nature is situated near shores of Le-Morn_Braban on the south-west of Mauritius. The reason of this wonder is on the slope of the sea bottom and underwater stream, which moves the sand and sludge deposits on the Plato. A constant shedding of the sea strain into the deep crevice creates a mirage of falling water.

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Our team, sophisticated by journeys and real estate, can responsibly state: The Heaven exists! Curiously enough, we found it not on the Olympus’ peak and not in the sacred Indochinese cities. Beaches in the color of ultramarine marble, the French art, the satisfaction of life and unforgettable wedding “Yes”. We will be talking about the pearl of Indian ocean – Mauritius island.

The idea to visit this island was in our heads for a long time. By the desire of fate, we have gained a chance not only to study the local real estate and touristic market but also to organize a remarkable wedding ceremony under the sunset.

The cognominal country is located in the heart of Indian Ocean, only in 900 km from Madagascar. It is represented by a small archipelago of islands, which are sunk in tropic monsoons and exotic woods. In order to understand the insular country' culture, you have to study its main historical events. From the Portuguese discovery of the island in 1510 and till the independence in 1968, Mauritius has changed several owners among them Dutch, French and English. Each period and culture contributed specific colors, flavors, and motives, as a result, creating an interesting European cultural mix in the context of motley African island.

The word "mix" can be implemented in every aspect of life on the island. It characterizes as a confession in the role of Hinduism, Catholicism, and Islam, as there are various languages among citizens such as Creole, French, and English. The absolute harmony of the representation of different religions and national features attracts each year more and more tourists.

Dream House/Mauritius

The flight and Arrival

The journey started with a comfortable flight with company Turkish Airlines. High-quality service and luxurious dinner became a real prelude to an upcoming weekend and a glass of a French wine gently added colors of all excitements. The night flight from Kyiv with a short transfer in Istanbul and in the morning we step on Mauritius's ground.

In the airport, the present from MARADIVA Villas Resort & Spa was waiting for us – a personal meeting with a DREAM HOUSE title and the transfer in a comfortable BMW X5. The distance from the airport to a hotel took around one hour while riding we were surrounded by the green. The motley of woods contained pine woods, banana trees, and sharp palm branches. Over and over again it was possible to see bright birds and mountain peaks.

After a short excursion and settlement in apartments, we have decided to head into the spa. It is impossible not to visit it, as it was determined one of the best in the world! Yet after 20 minutes of the soft massage with relaxing aromatherapy, you understand that you ended up where you always wanted to be.

Dream House/Mauritius

Mauritius cuisine

Trying to describe Mauritius cuisine, it is hard to define, where to begin. Visually the Mauritius dinner looks like an international party, whereby every guest is a patriot, which brought the best dish of his or her cuisine on the fest.

Firstly, it is seafood in all possible interpretations. This is Asian spicy deep fry in a crispy crust with curry and aromatic herbs, righteous baked and ragout steaks with French and Portuguese sauces and thousands of types of homemade mussels and oysters with secret Michelin accents.

The next by an importance are vegetable dishes and bread. It is exciting how astonishing and multi-functional are usual vegetables in a tandem with exotic island giants and fresh crispy bread with extraordinary forms.

But the most charming are desserts, especially if you love sweets like we. Mauritius is the best example of the ideal meeting of Indian generosity, an infinite diversity of honey sweets and European righteous temperance.

Such gastronomic abundance is true not only for five-stars restaurants but also for cozy cafes on the shoreline, where it is so pleasant to spend your time with a glass of rum or punch. Listening to the sound of waves under tight palms, you understand that the time stops to follow usual physical laws.

Economics and Investments

Located in "golden triangle", connecting Asia, Africa, and Australia, Mauritius is meeting for various cultures and nations. Using its strategic location, the state quickly transforms into an international center for investors with transparent regulations and high added value. All of this is due to an economics' smart-transition from a mono-model oriented on an agriculture to a differentiated, innovative and scientific model.

According to a legislation, it is possible to claim the residence permit with the aim to start a business after starting investments starting from $35 000. At the same time, the government offers various pre-prepared projects, sometimes even with a qualified staff.

Nowadays, Mauritius takes the second place by the rate of GDP among the whole Africa. Only Guinea has a higher ratio, which revenues mostly consist of the oil exportation. From the other side, Mauritius is mature, economically developed country with a high rate of wealth diversification among citizens. Economics depends on the sugarcane plantation, textile, and services, but other economic sectors are progressing quickly enough.

Dream House/Mauritius


  • the offshore zone, safe investing territory, which is protected by the law.

  • Political stability and sustainable economic growth for more than thirty years.

  • In the rating of world economic freedom, which was composed by Canadian researching company Fraser Institute in 2016, Mauritius takes the 5th place.

  • Calm, multifunctional lifecycle in the multinational environment and modern infrastructure.

  • Bilingual (French and English) and qualified workforce.

  • A friendly regime of regulations for the international investor and a constant help from a special governmental institution – Board of Investments.


Regardless of its small size – 45 on 65 kilometers – the island is fulfilled with colors, violent gardens, and interesting places. Relatively Mauritius divides into 4 parts with various microclimates and landscapes. The real estate of south, north, east and west has also its own features and advantages. The main point of interest is a huge diversity of flora and fauna. The island's nature is the richest citizen. Watersports are also developed, such as snorkeling, diving and everything related to it.


The island’s north is the most popular among tourists due to a festive aura and suitable infrastructure. This part of the island is famous for cozy restaurants and noisy bars on the shoreline, here you can find live rhythmic music and light lounge, cocktails, laugh and dances. The air is filled with bright flowers' flavor and cinnamon trees' notes. At this moment, the government makes a significant effort and invests large resources in the development and popularization of the north. Many experts estimate that investments in the hotel business in this part of the island will be the most profitable and reasonable.


  • Grand Bay – very cinematographic bay of Indian ocean – round cliffy pool with crystal turquoise water and a large white beach.

  • Cap Malheureux – locals called it promontory of Misfortune. It is surrounded by a coral reef, which often is a reason for shipwrecks. For us, tourists, this is a huge plus. Through the clean water the view on corals, which surround the promontory, is an exciting scene. Now a small fishing village is located here.

  • Pamplemousses Botanical Garden – one the oldest botanic gardens in the South hemisphere with a rich collection of plants from various parts of Earth, wide lawns and pools with soft lilies. One day is not enough to fully enjoy these landscapes and high trees. You are free to take food with you and make a picnic and spend the whole day here.


Due to mountains, in this part of the island is pretty dry climate. Coral riff, compactly surrounding beaches, and high temperature allows water to be warm to a "steamed milk" condition. This region is locals' favorite, who travel here with the aim to dive and have a nice walk. Mountains, defending this part from winds, provide a boon climate in winter and autumn.

By the way, the eastern part of the island "looks" on the ocean, the simultaneously western shore is protected by Madagascar island from natural disasters.


  • Flic en Flac Beach – wide beaches several kilometers long with white sand and high palms directly on the shore.

  • Casela Bird Parc – interesting park, this was at first considered to be as a birds’ reservation. By the time foes, it became a home to a large number of island endemics and animals from the whole world. While going on safari, you would be able to see a deer and watch animals in the natural environment.

  • Le Morn peninsula – a picturesque half-island, with a cognominal cliff in the center, is famous for its semi-wild beaches and crystal water. Here are situated highest apartments with panorama type terraces, which have a view on peninsula and ocean.


South is the most picturesque part of the island. It offers a significant amount of exciting excursions to national parks. The rent and sale of the real estate here are not so popular because of the mountain landscape and the infrastructure is not developed well enough. That is why we recommend you to travel here if you want some privacy and a bit of feral life. Southerners perfectly saved the historical values and traditions of the ancestors. Locals here are responsive and the food is very tasty.


  • Ile aux Aigrettes Island – the name translates as “white herons’ island". Such an interesting name was given to it, not by a chance, a small island is a home for many unique animals and plants. 90% of the territory occupies a dense forest, where Mauritius’s rare and endangered flora species are planted. Thus, the island transformed into a real national park. During a walk there, it is possible to see pink doves, they are a national symbol and giant tortillas, which bask under the sun.

  • Blue Bay Beach – nice south beach with sandy shore and bottom, there are not many people and it is also quiet here.

  • Rochester Falls Waterfall – the real pearl of the island, which is lost among sugarcane plantations, not far from the village Suyak. From a ten meters height, waters of Savannah strike upon the multistage cascade and rocky pillars, creating at the bottom a small lake, which is surrounded by a violent greenery.

  • Bois Cheri tea factory – world-known tea factory. During the excursion, it is possible to visit tea plantations, the tea is raised by classical methods with all ecological; aspects and with the absence of chemical fertilizers. In the factory, it is possible to learn about the methods and stages of the traditional Mauritius tea manufacturing and also you can try different sorts, which were made due to various types of processing. Mauritius tea is famous because of its smooth taste and bright flavor with a vanilla note.

  • Crocodile farm – one of few places, where you can see tortillas and crocodiles in the natural environment, it is possible to pet and feed them.


Unlike the west, in this part winds are operating. Exactly where they create this tangible borderline between summer, autumn, and winter. This region is favorable by wind- and kitesurfers and also by lovers of sailing. Fluttered bright cloth and locks of hair, wet and a bit sour wind all of beautiful sea romance’s special effects are gathered here. Due to a plain landscape, many agricultural holdings and endless sugarcane fields are located in the east.

Mariana Voinova


  • Fuel Sugar Estate factory – the largest sugar factory on the island. Here you can see how this product, which pulverized the whole planet, is produced.

  • Ille aux Cerfs deer island – a magnificent place with fine beaches and transparent lagoon. Here various sports are practiced: sailing, scuba diving, water ski. Deer Island was long ago transformed from an untouched piece of nature to a developed by a touristic objects resort, but if desired, you can find some personal space here.

  • Grand River – the river’s corridor is decorated with picturesque gorges. While going down the river, you can spot beautiful waterfalls. This place I loved by guest, who arrive from Deer Island.

  • Belle Mare – a magnificent beach on the East of Mauritius. White and very small, such as powder, sand, warm wind, and endless ocean. You can feel that you have ended up in some sort of a film and it is hard to get used to it.

  • Montagne-du-Lion – the main natural sightseeing of the eastern shoreline, the borderline of which could be seen from afar. Beautiful view opens for those who made to its peak (480 m). The sugarcane plantations' green is in contrast with blue lagoon's waters.


It is not simple to become a member of this organization. The candidate should work in the hotel no less than 5 years, have a decent experience, the knowledge and correspond to high commitments. About specifics of “Golden Keys” work we have talked with Albert Kriss – the main concierge of the hotel Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa and a member of “Golden Keys” (France) association. Kriss was born in Mauritius and for 15 years he has been working as a concierge and is really fond of this activity. His career was started in Royal Palm, continued in Prince Maurice, Dinarobin, St. Regis Mauritius, Maradiva. Kriss states that it is highly important to love people and your work. As when the guest arrives, “the main concierge’s task is to make his or her day fabulous”. You have to demonstrate the knowledge in different contacts, know specific features in various areas and have a good orientation in what is happening around.

The Association provides

15 concierges on the island, who meet every month in order to exchange the information and to discuss what innovations, should be implemented. Kriss also notes that one of the main features in his work is that they do not think about filling pockets, but about the client's mood: "The most important for us – to satisfy the client, without thinking what you will receive in return. You simply have to be happy while doing that". Telling about the specifics of the work, Kriss mentions that: “a concierge is a person whom the guest can trust and count on. This means that we can help him or her in everything that was planned. This is like a personal assistant, he or she can be everyone in order to make the guest feel happy". About concrete occasion, Kriss tells unwillingly, but he mentioned one story. “It was December, the period when it is quite hard with flights. One client had to urgently get back to Paris. There was a passage, but there were no spare places. I was able to find a seat for him. You can ask “How?” I will answer that personal contacts can handle everything. Our notebook is a very important tool. Mobile phone and the list of contacts. That is why the association is called “Golden Keys” – we can open every door”.

Photo: Marina Bridgnokhun

Mariana Voinova

Dream House/ Mauritius – Villa

Stylist and the main hero: Mariana Voinova

Photographer: Marina Bridgnokhun

Hair & MUA: Ekaterina Aukhodzhi

Location: MARADIVA Villas Resort & Spa / www.maradiva.com

Organization: Dream House Agency & FINGERPRINT Production (Vladimir Beley, Olga Loktionova)

ON THE COVER PAGE: Mariana Voinova. Dress Olena Dats’/ www.olena-dats.com Photographer: Marina Bridgnokhun Hair & MUA: Ekaterina Aukhodzhi Dress Umoda / www.voronova.online Bracelet Alexander McQueen, shoes Chloe Gosselin, Presidential Suite Pool Villa


Laconic Villas, which were designed by a reasonable plan. The interior is made from organic materials. Style inherited the island’s esthetics, combining, tropic woods, balanced color gamma, opportunities of the natural light and modern technic of the inner space, also a volcanic stone, natural terraces, and lounge zones with a swimming pool.

Quietly hidden under a straw roof, the terrace ideally suits home dinners on the fresh air in the warm environment with a glass of wine and crunchy Mauritius bread. A magnificent garden outside the window takes a role of a natural filter, which passes over wind streams, they fulfill the garden with a tropical freshness and coolness.

Price: 21 830 000 rupees (€575 335)

Taxation: 5% of the sales

Notary: 1,15% + ADS

The resort is situated in an overriding place, from which opens a view on exciting mountain Le-Morn-Braban and the most colorful dawns with orange ochreous, pink and softly violet roulades. To enjoy its beauty is possible on the wild shore beach, which is a property of Maradiva Villas. Implemented new standards in the island hotel business, the resort offers guests an opportunity to spend your weekend with family or friends, without refusing from advantages of high-quality service and being in the home villa’s environment.

Villa in Maradiva as an investment project is organized with IHS (Invest Hotel Scheme), which is available for individuals, who are not citizens of Mauritius, but who have an opportunity to gain a residence permit. Owners receive a granted profit per year, which equals 5% from invested resources. The rent will be paid through a simple system of profits division with a deduction of taxes expenses, maintenance and payments to a managerial company.

Yet after three years, the real estate goes to a full ownership with an option of reselling.

Уже через 3 года недвижимость переходит в полную собственность с возможностью ее перепродажи.

One of the best beaches on the island – Le Morne. It is possible to order a personal transfer on Rolls Royce from a concierge in Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa.


O F F I C I A L   W E B S I T E   O F   M A R I A N A   V O I N O V A