Dream House/ Dubai

Dream House/ Dubai

Dubai – is a nonrandom sampling of my expedition with a company DREAM HOUSE, the fastest developing city in the world appeared only 50 years ago. It was raised from the desert. The directed its skyscrapers upward and became best in all sectors of economic development, tourism, real estate, and new technologies. Dubai impresses each time you arrive on the resort, but I was always interested in features of a constant life in Dubai. I and my team have analyzed available variants of investments in the real estate and have seen best offers regarding villas and apartments, which exist today in Dubai. The common picture of fabulous magnificence could be described as “Thousand and one night”. However, from which fable is it, I am still trying to guess.

Locals state that Dubai is the city with a character, one it accepts open-handed, other it immediately sends away. If you decided to invest or move to Dubai then you have to make a friendship with this city.

I have chosen a famous resort One&Only Royal Mirage Dubai, which is situated among gorgeous gardens only in few minutes from New Dubai. I love One&Only, as they are a guarantee of the quality of the weekend in every hotel of the net and it is considered to be an example of a hotel business. Only one villa is located on the whole resort, which I have chosen as the main location for shooting and cover story.

15 November 2016 in Paris on Worldwide Hotelier Awards ceremony, Oliver Louis – the director of One&Only Royal Mirage и One&Only The Palm was an awarded as the best hotelier in the world.

Dream House/ Dubai

Day 1. Kyiv – Dubai – Transfer

I stepped on Dubai’s ground and almost near the plane’s trap the ideal white Jaguar was waiting for me. A car which will fit every taste is possible to rent through a partners' service of company Dream House. The only thing, we recommend clarifying all renting information immediately – price per hour, per five hours and next tariff for waiting. We have been almost caught. All of this because we trusted a friendly Arab, who promised “simply to wait, if you linger a bit «and then he gave a bill for waiting. Thankfully, managers solved everything through a company’s supervisor. Generally in Dubai like in most Arabic countries, “yes” is taken for “no”. Indeed, here every agreement without a signature does not work, what proves the importance of good partners once again.

Dream House/ Dubai

Day 2. Shopping

Before going to the shopping, I recommend choosing one of the mauls, their number is really impressive, you cannot visit them all in one day! I traditionally have chosen Emirates Maul, because there is located a multi-brand shop Harvey Nicholos – a real three-storey palace of modern London world and eastern style. Here you can find international clothes brands, cosmetics, house products, and jewelry.

This time we took a taxi, which was ordered by a concierge. It cost around 20$. The tariff depends on the car model, in which you are sitting.

Lifehack. In Dubai, people do not reach their destination on foot. The taxi service is highly developed here, which are divided into two groups, depends on the car's model – Toyota or Lexus. In the first variant, the taxi costs five drachmas, in the second 10. The payment is calculated according to a checker. In the second variant, the payment per kilometer is a bit higher than in the first one. In the places, with a free Wi-Fi, you can pay with a credit card. Taxi stops nearby a road when you raise a hand, in public places signs lead the way to a parking. If you ended up in an unfamiliar place and there is no road to Dubai nearby, the Uber add works here. Drivers of which can find you via geolocation even in the desert.

Mariana Voinova

Day 3. The shooting on the Stefano and Dolce Gabbana favorite villa.

The Shooting was on Beach Garden Villa. Here the photo session for a printed magazine was organized for the first time and Dream House was honored a right of the championship. We tried to forward an aura of the eastern fable, delivered a falcon from the desert especially for the shooting.

After the shooting, we have headed by a motorboat in a fashionable place in Dubai on the Palm, in lounge bar «101 – One&Only the Palm» and then it was like somebody pressed a Pause button. We ended up in an elegant and quiet harbor in Arabian Gulf with a view on New Dubai and with own dock, where locals and tourist arrive on their yacht. Here fresh seafood, dainty dishes, cool drinks are served and the lounge music is played the whole day.

For dinner, we have chosen FANZONE restaurant located on the shore of Royal Mirage One&Only Dubai resort. In the restaurant the dress-code is active and, of course, individuals in shorts are not allowed, but in the hotel, everything is so planned, trousers could be chosen for males in the restaurant.

Mariana Voinova
Mariana Voinova

Day 4. The real estate from an owner

Firstly, we have visited one of the largest Dubai developer – DAMAC company and got familiar with an investment project AKOVA, which is spread to 14 million square meters in the desert.

According to a developer’s plan, the complex consists from1500 objects of the real estate (villas and apartments), including the full infrastructure of the resort, which consists from restaurants, clubs, park AKOVA, the big golf field in the center of Trump International Golf Club.

2 furnished rooms of a show-villa Paramaurt and Versace were shown to us. Opinions regarding the project were divided. From one side, everything is beautiful and attractive and you can imagine yourself among this luxury. But from the other, more practical side, you understand that for such amount of financial resources it is not the best investment, in a first place, due to an international tendency of the demand reduction on a top-market real estate. But for every product, there is a buyer.

The next place to visit became an investing project of a floating villa, which is a part of the project “The Heart of Europe”. Really, exclusive and interesting project, which deserves an attention. The specifics are, that on the water terrace and bedroom are situated, on the second floor – the kitchen with Jacuzzi and transparent bottom. And underwater the bathroom is placed and bedroom with glass walls through them it is possible to adore an underwater world.

Mariana Voinova

Day 5. The secondary real-estate market of Dubai

In order to gain the most contemporary information and maximal Dubai’s market, we appealed to our good partners – company Alliance Real Estate Brokerage, which helped us to understand in the specifics of objects’ pricing and perspectives of developers’ market progression. Prices on studios, flats with two and three bedrooms in Dubai Marina, Downtown, Business Bay, JLT seriously differ, at the same time, the common thing is that they provide a construction's high-quality, good remount and a reasonable planning. In such a market environment, exactly objects are the most perspective in terms of investments.

Beach Garden Villa – oasis, lonely placed among artistic gardens and warm waters of Arabian Gulf. Despite a high price – from $ 8 500 per day – the villa is demanded in every season. Before our arrival, there were Stefano and Dolce Gabbana, also here were Versace family and other famous persons.

Certainly guarded spacious residence with two bedrooms, living rooms, and a resting zone with two bedrooms, the whole space equals 300 square meters. Wide bedrooms with a square of 70 m2 and 100 m2 dispose of for a July weekend, simultaneously, they are charming, due to an eastern interior and large double bed with a sea view. Only 40 steps and you are on the beach. From the exclusive services, it is possible to define a personal butler, the priority in terms of visiting resorts' restaurants, one pavilion on the beach and one near the pool, which is always reserved for villa's guests.

The underwater bedroom SEASHORE

Located near the private resort harbor, lounge-bar 101 is defined with a magnificent panorama view on New Dubai.

Photovideo production FINGERPRINT (Olga Loktionova, Vladimir Beliy)

Partners: Alliance Real Estate; DAMAC Properties; The Heart of Europe

Villa demonstrates a righteous charm due to a swimming pool in Arabian design with heat system and clear water.

From $ 8 500 per day

Villa under the hotel One&Only Royal Mirage

This is the only villa in the hotel with a personal garden, a central air conditioning, heated swimming pool, guard 24/7, and certain service.

Behind the gate the private guarded zone starts, you can feel a privacy and home comfort here.

One&Only Royal Mirage guests can use the boat services with the aim to transfer to One&Only The PALM resort. That allows finding new locations, restaurants, entertainment, and romantic places.

From $ 8 500 One&Only The Palm

Joint zone, balcony/terrace, central air conditioning, private garden. 2 roofed parking slots, heated swimming pool, guard 24/7, certain service.

The recreation with family or friends on the villa – an oasis of harmonic happiness, which is hidden from strangers' eyes.

Mariana Voinova

Main hero: Mariana Voinova

Photographer: Tina Sokolovskaya

Retoucher: Mariana Dimchenko

Visagiste: Victoria Shumko

Producers: Olga Loktionova, Vladimir Beliy, Daria Petrusenko

Fashion-partners: Harvey Nicholls Dubai (www.harveynichols.com)


O F F I C I A L   W E B S I T E   O F   M A R I A N A   V O I N O V A