Black lips are a daring trend for brave girls!

Charcoal black lips "launched" the Gucci brand to the masses, and the idea of an original make-up was immediately picked up by beauty bloggers, whose photos with new makeup flooded the networks. We invited Maryana Voinova to use the example of the beauty image created for her to tell by what means you can also repeat this makeup!

The trend has spread not only among connoisseurs of bright images, but it also became an inspiration for world brands that produce decorative cosmetics.

Black lipstick has become a wow segment of the collections of Urban Decay, M.A.C, NYX, as well as many other, including luxury, brands. These cosmetics will help you to repeat the effect of charcoal lips - with their help you can duplicate unusual makeup and conduct a bold experiment with your own beauty image.

Despite the fact that the charcoal black lip makeup actually has nothing to do with any subculture, this accent is still quite radical, and therefore we advise you to be careful with it. Fashion experts talk about how to fit such fashionable transformations into your image: in order to create your own interpretation of the style of Gucci models, it is worth playing on contrast and, in addition to the charcoal lips, emphasize the prominent elements of the wardrobe.


O F F I C I A L   W E B S I T E   O F   M A R I A N A   V O I N O V A