Bird's-eye view: Maryana Voinova on what to see in Singapore

Singapore is a paradise on earth. It contains many beauties: hanging vines against the backdrop of futuristic architecture, zoos and Asian colorful markets. There are many sights, and Maryana Voinova will tell about the most notorious of them from personal experience: a business woman, a producer of author's projects and celebrities.

Ferris wheel

Perhaps this is one of the opportunities to look at Singapore from a bird's eye view. Rising 165 meters above the ground in the Singapore Flyer, I saw Malaysia and the islands of Indonesia closest to Singapore. But this is possible only in clear weather. Of course, the unforgettable 360-degree views of Singapore itself are pleasing to the eye. On one side you can see skyscrapers and a stone city, on the opposite - the ocean and many ships that adorn the horizon. I was lucky enough to be on the review wheel not only as a tourist, but also as a model, producer, author's project for a glossy magazine, which made this trip on the Singapore Flyer special.

Museum of Science and Art

The Science and Art Museum in Singapore is world famous for its lotus-shaped building. Original on the outside and no less creative on the inside, it has collected 21 galleries, where everyone can see both classical paintings by famous masters, and new and original installations along with art objects of contemporaries. From the doorway, you find yourself in a room illuminated by projectors, where various butterflies and flowers appear on the walls. Go through the corridor, take off your shoes, and slide down the slide in projections. My son and I had a lot of fun. Also, the room is quite dark, but atmospheric. This museum shows the original side of science, so it's worth a visit.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

An old dream is to visit the hotel that has become a symbol of Singapore: Marina Bay Sands. There is a boat on three high-rise towers, and a gorgeous swimming pool is located in it. Here I celebrated my birthday, and then the New Year. I took part in a shoot for the German glossy magazine Joy. And it was wonderful, unforgettable! But be careful before spending the whole day there - you will not find shelter from the sun near the water. Children near you splash and shout, the spray is flying at you. The atmosphere is quite noisy and chaotic, and if you are looking for relaxation and enjoyment, this is not for you. The hotel is easy enough to find as it is located in the Central Region. It includes about 2 thousand rooms, a casino, a museum, several restaurants and two theaters. The inside is no less beautiful than the outside.


Merlion is an unusual monument with a lion's head and the body of a fish. He is the talisman of Singapore and personifies the fearlessness and strength of a lion, symbolizes the close connection of the state with the sea. This fountain is 8.5 m high and weighs 70 tons now I have in miniature at home.

Park "Gardens by the Bay"

The first time I saw the park was from my room at Marina Bay Sands from the 45th floor! And it was amazing! The feeling that you are on another fabulous planet!

Gardens by the Bay draws the attention of millions of tourists every year, providing the best views of the man-made tree structures. Some of them are for lianas to be "located" on them, while others are for collecting rainwater. While walking through this beauty, do not forget to visit two greenhouses - "Flower Dome" and "Cloud Forest".

Sentosa Island

You can get here both by regular transport and by cable car. First, I arrived by transfer, then I went to study the cable car! She staggers a little all the time, she can get seasick, I confess, she got a little seasick at the end of the route.

But back to the island! Just imagine: an entire island specially designated by the state for recreation and amusement parks! It is here that the most interesting entertainment centers are concentrated, providing a fun holiday, a butterfly park, a dolphinarium, clean beaches for enjoying nature, hotels, as well as a large amusement park, an aquarium and Fort Siloso, available to visit. On the island, I liked the observation deck that rotates on its axis and the glass floor! It was scary to walk, but emotional!

Amusement Park "Universal Studios"

Singapore Disneyland - Dedicated to the secrets of Hollywood filmmaking. Here you will see how cinema is created - special effects and stuntmen's stunts, walk along the Walk of Fame and meet the heroes of your favorite films and cartoons. 24 themed rides present the most popular paintings by adults and children.

One day will be enough for you to go around the entire park and enjoy all the attractions! My favorite is located - in the Mummy Pavilion! If you are not scared and not distracted by the speed, darkness and the voice of the mummy, then you can study the art and culture of Ancient Egypt better than, in fact, in Egypt itself!

Shangri-La Hotel on Sentosa Island

Accommodation in Sentosa I chose the Shangri-La Hotel, as it is the only Hotel on the island with its own private beach! The Shangri-La Hotel is surrounded by coziness and greenery, which automatically provides the feeling of being in an oasis. The beach is very fabulous and quiet, not crowded. But my favorite resting place was a large sun lounger-bed, which was located on the right side of the beach, under large trees overlooking the port and ships! It's very exciting and romantic! For a dreamer like me, this turned out to be a special place, special at sunset! ...I remember you.


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