Ascending: Mariana Voinova became the face of a French brand

Despite the fact, that in 2007 Mariana left the parent model agency, fashion industry still remains a part of her life. For the moment, she is a leader in life, a successful business woman and a mother who works hard and believes in what she does. It is faith in particular that plays the main role in the life philosophy of the young lady. Distinctive features of the faith are self-containment and independence, strength of spirit and charisma, which help to win love and respect.

Mariana confessed many times how deliberately she considers each work opportunity. Her principles and moral norms do not allow her to accept all offers of cooperation, many of them are rejected.

Perhaps this very approach to work opened the doors to cooperation with fashion brands, including Rosco Ragni and Zuhair Murad, as well as with such photographers as Maxim Gagarin, who collaborated with Tina Kunakey, Lineisy Montero Feliz, Anna Selezneva and Bella Hadid. Today Mariana is a worthy ambassador of Faberge, a jewelry brand with world history, but she keeps the contacts and signs collaborative agreements with Ukrainian designers.

French designer Christophe Guillarme could not stay indifferent at the renewed triumphal career of Mariana.

In October 2018, the girl became the face of the campaign of his spring-summer collection “Orphee”, and a month later, she closed his show as part of the Paris Fashion Week.

“Working with Mariana presented a very good experience for me. Being in the team of great people and professionals, she turned out to be very kind and fully focused on creating the highest quality material. Actually, I am the one who are not easy to impress. However, Mariana has a special aura, which I previously noticed only at Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. They all have perfect self-control. She also has a big heart. This is the real key to success and what should be carried to your fans and followers,” - says a brand designer Christophe Guillarme.

In turn, the famous Russian photographer Maxim Gagarin, who collaborated with Voinova for the spring-summer campaign of the brand, also appraised the work of the girl.

“Mariana has wonderful model parameters! Despite the fact that at first glance she seems to be very serious, Mariana turned out to be a very positive and lighthearted person. It is very easy to get on with her. She perfectly poses and knows what will be successful for a particular photo. In the case when, for some reason, the photo did not work out at the first time, Mariana looked for alternatives with pleasure in order to fulfil her plans. She is diligent. And patient, “- says the photographer.

Model Mariana Voinova (@mariana_voinova)

Photograph Maxim Gagarin (@gagarin303)

Designer: Christophe Guillarme (@christopheguillarme)

Hair/ Makeup: Tatiana Zinchuk (@zinchukmakeup)

Fashion Ideology: Vitaly Agapov (@vitaly_agapov), Rostislav Arno (@rostislav_arno)

Coordinator: Viktoria Baranovskaya (@victoria_baranovskaya)


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