A fairy tale city of Singapore

Taste for adventure excites the mind and inspires new achievements. Open your heart to bright emotions. Mariana will tell us about her love of both travel and distant countries.

Magic of color

You're as attractive as an oriental ornament. Your image helps to be out in the open and feel this life to its full extent. When choosing a comfortable but attractive silhouette you can emphasize your sexuality.


As long as no one sees, you can do oneself well. Even a slice of pizza, though you're on a diet. This is because happy people do not observe calories.

Like anything

You look down on the metropolis like a goddess on top of Olympus. Prepare yourself for the most unexpected meeting. And you will have a good deal of luck.

Tender nymph

Natural motifs are still incredibly relevant. Enjoy the scenery in comfortable dresses or pinafores. The sea definitely suits you.


O F F I C I A L   W E B S I T E   O F   M A R I A N A   V O I N O V A