Why has Mariana Voinova become a new muse to follow?

Being a fashion model, producer, journalist, instagram blogger, muse and basically shocking influencer, Mariana Voinova is currently turning into a fashionable role model to follow.

Born in the historical city of Lviv in western Ukraine, Mariana Voinova inherited the sense of romantic wealth of this museum city. Starting her career as a photo model, she succeeded in embodying the corporate identity of several target brands.

“I became a model because my grandmother enrolled me in a specialized school,” she said last year to L’officiel Singapour. On the runways at Kyiv and Lviv during Fashion Weeks, as well as at pageants, and soon all around the globe, she was hired by various model agencies. For 10 years, she has resisted the treatment that girls in such agencies put up with. After terminating her contract with a Shanghai agency in 2007, she began to be in charge of her own career. Thanks to her independence, in the blink of an eye she became a businesswoman and innovator heading her own company.

After receiving an art degree, she also enjoys designing. In 2007, she got married, traveled all over Europe and gave birth to little son Alexander in 2011. In 2016, she opened an investment company with her husband. In addition to her role as a journalist, producer, travel expert, she is named one of the 5 most influential Instagram bloggers according to StarLife.

However, it is no surprise that now she regularly collaborates with the largest Ukrainian magazines. She started with Vogue and ended up with Elle, passing through Harper’s Bazaar and L’Officiel, naturally. But her plasticity also allows her to become a Fabergé brand engine in Ukraine. This picture was taken in London in 2017 by L’Officiel balte together with Swedish model Philippe Wolf during a campaign where she was not very pleased with her role, but where she was also an inspirer, producer and image consultant.

She can also be proud of the Italian brand Rocco Ragni or the Mariage campaign by couturier Zuhair Murad in her portfolio.

In October last year, she walked the runway in Paris for the 2019 summer collection created by Christophe Guillarmé.

She is no doubt a woman of great talent to be followed!


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