Mariana Voinova: personal style

Ambassador of the Faberge jewelry house, business lady and model Mariana Voinova tells about her style and combination of favorite Faberge jewelry in the wardrobe.

Favorite brands

When I was at school, I have dreamt about becoming a «face» of Dolce&Gabbana. That time they were hottest new trend. By the way the first things I had were from these designers. Now I treat the choice of fashion brands more easily. I can't name a certain brand I wanted to work with, but Balmain is more close to me by style and character.


I treat gifts with caution: they oblige you and take energy freedom away. I won't accept inappropriate and too expensive gift even from my husband. But I like to present myself something both for B-day and achieving goals and wins. Then this thing becomes a trophy to me, also acquires sense and specific value.

Stylist work

Being a stylist while shooting is always a great honor and joy to me. Once I have been creating images for Faberge advertising campaigns, shot in London with Swedish mannequin Filip Wolfe who presented mens collection of the brand. At that time I realized the main task: to come up with an image out of time and trends.


I suppose it is inappropriate to wear heavy diamond necklace for an early breakfast. But the Faberge charm is an exception in any case. I like to wear jewelry of this brand together with different styles of outfits: evening dresses, business suits and even sports jackets. I like exclusive and beautiful things, but I don't hide behind expensive brands and diamonds, because a person gives life to clothes and jewelry and not vice versa.


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