Bright and exquisite, but at the same time strong and firm... Mariana Voinova is the perfect embodiment of the messenger of the jewelry brand. How she became the face of the legendary Faberge house and what she puts into each of her projects is in an exclusive interview.

Mariana Voinova does not look like a model in the usual sense of the word. She is busy with a lot of different projects, she prefers freedom to contracts and severely filters out job offers. Nevertheless the fashion world will not let her and follow the young lady themselves. One of the latest achievements of Mariana is the cooperation with Faberge jewelry house.

- You are a model, a business lady, a travel expert, a producer, a mother... What kind of person do you prefer?

I never divide my life into roles and images. All these facets refer to me, it's not just a job, it's my life. These images are actually much more than you have voiced, but new times, new songs, everything comes gradually and metered... My approach to everything that comes into my life is based on a clear understanding that not all means are good to achieve the goal. To hear my inner voice, consult with God and act not as I want, but as He pleases, is my conscious choice.

Mariana Voinova Clothes: Alonova, jewelry: Faberge

"I like expensive, exclusive, beautiful things, including jewelry, but I am independent of all material things. This is both strength and wisdom."

- How did you get into modeling?

At the age of 16 my grandmother registered me in a modeling school. Since then, I started working in Ukrainian and foreign projects, on the catwalks of Ukrainian Fashion Week, Lviv Fashion Week, as well as to take part in beauty contests, where I represented my native Lviv. After the failure of contract with the modeling Agency in Shanghai, I decided to leave the Agency. I couldn't accept the fact how the girl model is positioned in this business. I decided to participate only in really worthy projects, follow my own way and play by my rules.

- Tell us, what are your current relationships with the modeling business?

For the past 10 years I am not listed in any modeling Agency, but the world of fashion and modeling "pursues" me anyway. It remains a part of my life. I still receive offers to return to the Agency. But I am rather selective and give my energy to projects having a positive and useful mission. I have refused many offers and continue to refuse. I like it. I like to swim upstream.

- What kind of proposals those were?

I was offered a job as a TV presenter, singer, actress, designer and blogger. Also filming in videos of ambiguous content, shooting for men's magazines, in advertising campaigns of underwear... Besides, I don't go to parties if they're not useful at all.

- How did you start cooperation with Faberge?

It happened by chance. On the eve of February 14, 2017, I was invited to take part in a photo shoot for Valentine's Day for L’Officiel magazine. I am kindred to everything associated with the word "love", so I gladly agreed. Already during the photo session I have learned that all the decorations are of one of the brand which was Faberge. After the publication, the representatives of the company located in London, invited me to a meeting and offered to become the brand's Ambassador. They saw my energy, nobility and purity, consonance with the brand's philosophy. I replied that the brand is really kindred to me and I would be honored to represent it. But before I agreed, I have put a condition: "If I am going to be a Faberge Ambassador, I have to be both an inspirer, a producer, and a companion in the development of the company." I was answered with a wary consent. And I am very grateful for that trust. I put a lot of effort into the family business and modeling projects, but I put my heart and soul into Faberge to breathe something new into the brand.

Mariana Voinova clothes: Sole, jewelry: Faberge

– Do you agree with the statement that the best friends of girls are the diamonds?

I would not ascribe to the stones the status of "friends" ... I like expensive, exclusive, beautiful things, including jewelry, but I am independent of all material things. This is both strength and wisdom. I appreciate and look for people's sincerity, spirituality, genuine emotions and the ability to be friends and be faithful to this friendship. I am this kind of a person and I know exactly who the best friend is.

– Are there any rules for wearing jewelry?

Sure, and it will take a lot to write about... I do not require the services of stylists and always personally form my wardrobe and collections. Even shooting is very often stylized by me personally. Of course, I can respect the stylists opinion, but only if I understand myself that there is acommon sense in this opinion. The same thing goes for the jewelry. I definitely think it's inappropriate to be hung with a heavy diamond necklace for breakfast at 8 am. But a pendant from the Faberge collection will be appropriate in any situation, whether you are in a hotel for breakfast, in the city or go to a pink tea along the red carpet.

The most important thing is the way you wear things and jewelry... I have met young ladies who feel uncomfortable wearing diamonds or, on the contrary, try to use them to elevate their personality, and it is immediately evident. Because it is you to provide things and ornaments for life, and not vice versa. It should be understood and remembered.

– Do you have a favorite decoration or decoration-talisman?

I am convinced that the main talisman is faith. And my favorite ornament is the Crivelli engagement ring with a diamond of "baguette" cut.

- What does Faberge mean to you? Do you feel the responsibility when representing the brand?

Today it is already a part of me: I made my contribution to the development of the brand and its history, and I am glad for that. By creating the stills, I relied on the fact they would become a new round of life of Faberge, and 100 years later would gain special value.

Mariana Voinova dress: Gatti Nolli, jewelry: Faberge

- Tell us about your family. Do you manage to devote time to family?

The main thing is to find yourself and never lose, then everything will be in balance. It's taboo for me to be torn between work and family. The loved ones are my priority. We often combine business trips with family holidays, and I always try to pick up my son from school, spend time with him, walking, traveling... We are quite independent and self-sufficient: both me and my husband and son... and even our dog (laughs). We are a strong team, and we rather complement each other harmoniously than suppress each other.

"Each person should learn to hear and listen to his heart, not to create idols, not to copy someone else's fate, then one will find his own way," Mariana assures.

Interview for the magazine Viva №21 (352) November 13, 2018


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