Interview: English rose

Who is she, the modern fashionista of ‘Foggy Albion’? She is gentle and daring at the same time, stern and charmingly mysterious. Her style is impeccable, and each image is calibrated and thought out to the last thing: bright and elegant details, rich shades, exquisite silhouettes and stunning timeless stylistic decisions. Mariana Voinova, exclusively for L'Officiel Baltics.

Mariana, tell us what is your relationship with modeling now?

It's been 10 years since I’ve been not involved in any model agencies. Although I have a lot of proposals nowadays. But I'm involved in projects that have positive, useful mission, they serve as an example or inspiration.

Is shooting difficult for you?

It all depends on the nature and concept of particular shooting. I'm not an actress and you cannot make me do something that does not converge with my vision and my personality. Therefore, I select shooting projects very carefully and refuse to participate in many shootings and in video clips in particular ...

What kind of video clips?

For example, I refuse to take part in videos in which under the script you have to kiss in bed and play lovers... And in videos where the hero kills himself because of a girl in the end.

What countries and cities did you visit during shootings? Which ones did you like best?

I visited more than 30 countries of the world. I love every country and city for unforgettable emotions and memories and for their warm welcome. I'm thankful they have become a part of my life.

Do you keep to some diet? What are your dietary requirements?

I don't keep to any diets, I choose every meal upon my wish, but I rarely want something stodgy or some junk food. I don't like sweets, I rarely eat even an ice cream. In general, I don't care about food and do not think about it constantly, sometimes I skip breakfast or lunch... During fasting days I only eat lenten dishes. I try to drink more water, as soon as I remember about it:).

You live now in two cities, Kyiv and London. Which cities do you like in general? And where would you like to live permanently?

I love atmospheric cities with rich history. I was born and lived long enough in Lviv - a City-Museum under the open sky, a City-Legend, that is often called "little Paris".

Lviv has absorbed cultural heritage of many peoples, having created a unique atmosphere and a mixture of styles. It is a festive City. Having lived there for many years, I can't settle for less. Rome, Venice, London, Barcelona, Stockholm are the cities I really love, and they return my love.

Are there some cities which you don't like?

Yes, there is one city that disagrees with me, and it doesn't like me as well, let's face it. This is Los Angeles.

How does your morning start?

With the words: "Thank you, Lord, that I woke up so I can go on enjoying this life." And then it goes, as usual. I get up, drink a glass of lemon water or water with 'Hylak Forte' drops, take a shower, then at 8.00 a.m. my driver and bodyguard brings me my favourite cappuccino with a double espresso from 'Aroma' Café I like much. After that I cook breakfast for my son, get him ready for kindergarten. When he leaves, I gladly switch off his cartoon channel and turn on my favourite music, then me and my husband have a breakfast too.

What is your evening ritual?

Hot bath or shower, make-up removal, tonic, night cream – these are necessary things for me before going to sleep.

What are your favourite restaurants in London?

  1. Sky Garden skyscraper, I love to admire the city from this high place, watching the river and drinking coffee.

  2. One more of my favourite restaurants is Russian Mari Vanna restaurant where I can enjoy my favourite dishes: Borsch and buckwheat with porcini mushrooms.

  3. And a lounge bar in Rosewood hotel, the best place to feel the atmosphere of London.

What are your favourite shopping places?

I prefer online shopping. It is convenient and, what is most important, it saves time. My Buyer is well aware of what suits me well and sends the novelties in line with my style. Well, if we talk about offline shopping, the absolute leaders for me are Harrod's and Harvey Nichols. Although I also love to track creations of unusual, but interesting designers, and the best place for me in this area is The Goodhood Store.

Fashion for you is ...?

It is what I'm wearing, rather than what the other people wear.


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