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The anniversary issue of FPOST presents the picturesque photo-projects as well as exciting interviews. About family, business, relax, fashion and inspiration exclusively with Mariana Voinova.


I love life and our planet, and it looks like it is mutual. It gives me inspiration and fills me both emotionally and spiritually. I adore dreaming and subsequently make the dream come true! This moment of transfer of dream into life is my inspiration and passion. I love to search and find the places evoking emotions and euphoria. This list includes: my favorite city Venice, lake Como, voyage to Northern Europe and its capital cities, the beautiful city Jerusalem, Grand Canyon in the USA, the city of Bangkok, deserted heavenly islands in Thailand, meeting a shark on Maldives. My heart was won by volcanic landscapes in the Iceland. Unforgettable emotions were obtained during the vocation in the Seychelles: at the catamaran yacht I ran into a gale, the captain suggested me to seat on the front part of the hull and put my legs down into the water, and when we were moving through the waves, my legs immersed into the ocean knee-deep! I was eager to completely sink into the water – the key was to take the air in time. It was extremely exciting! Besides, several years ago my husband and I travelled to Florence. It is the city where every nook has its mystery or “Da Vinci Code”. Walking by the narrow streets near the hotel Westin, where we stayed, I suddenly strayed into a beautiful little church and felt that it was the place of power. I promised myself to return there. Suddenly I visited its beautiful vaults and thanked God for hearing me and confirming it by such moments.

While in Kiev, to recondition after the city hustle or a business trip, I choose Thai massage and rest in Tsarsky Resort, where my son and I go to the pool and play sports. I spend weekends with my family, we love to walk in the country and in the zoo and often have breakfast in dinner in Italian cuisine restaurants with a special atmosphere of coziness.


Alarm clock went off at 7:30, I opened my eyes, smiled to the sunrays and saw my loved husband preparing son for school, while usually it is my duty. But if my boys want mother to have a rest and recover, they let me slug until 10 o’clock.

A Chinese proverb says: “with money you can buy watch, not time”. That is why I do not love according to the time-table, I prefer to do everything even in spontaneity, listening to my internal feelings and sentiment.

My day starts with a glass of water, contrast shower, wholesome breakfast and herbal infusion. Coffee only in the afternoon – expresso with hot milk. The lion's share belongs to business meetings, photographing where I am invited as a model, sports and biking in the part with my husband. My evenings are always dedicated to my family. Every day in the life is the precious time which is smoothly flowing from the past into the present and then to the past. I try to live consciously in present, appreciate every moment and always remember about it.


Strong family leans on three pillars: love, man’s responsibility and unconditioned acceptance of the man by his woman. Love does not die of trials, it resurrects from the ashes again and again. Walking with the son and husband, both by the streets of Kiev and along the Venetians canals, whatever mood I have, my love to them is unalterable as well as their love to me. A perfect family is not the obsession with oneself and one’s own interests but the focus on the beloved person. Love means to take off the blanket from yourself and draw it onto another person. I am always thinking, if my near and dear feel warm and how I can make their life happier.


I prefer to do what I like and enjoy.

My husband and I run an common business, and I like the feeling of his strong and reliable shoulder to lean on. He trusts my intuition, advices and taste. We can understand each other without words, listen and hear, analyze, follow our goals and imp0lementationof the projects. It is the main prerequisite of our success.

Besides, I am a professional model for various magazines and an expert in real estate in one of the magazines specializing in lux segment in many countries of the world.

At this, I don’t forget about my way made on the starry sky.


I travel a lot. Each trip for me is a discovery of something new including new brands and places for comfortable shopping. I do not follow trends and do not hunt for “must haves”, I create them for myself. I always choose things that suit my internal state and vision. I love to do shopping with my husband, he can always give me an advice if I am in doubt. Or else he can draw my attention to a thing I would not have noticed. Recently, I have suddenly discovered Louis Vuitton, where the last collections combine the elements of glam-rock, military and sports style with romantic blouses and silk dresses with thin shoulder straps. I like such style very much. Besides, I enjoy buying things for my husband and son, I make up their wardrobe myself. My favorite children’s brands are Miki House, Dolce&Gabbana kids, Dsquared2 kids.


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